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A minimum of 48hrs notice is required for cancellation of a lesson. This is to ensure time to allow the slot to be resold.

Two cancellations in a row may mean loss of the convenient regular slot to another client and if cancellations continue, tuition will be withdrawn.

I reserve the right to charge a full lesson fee for late cancellation as well as non appearance, non payment, or being unfit to drive due to lack of sleep or alcohol/drug use.

Clients need to inform me of changes to address or telephone number as soon as possible.

There is a separate charge for the use of the car for your driving test of £45

I reserve the right to refuse use of the car if I feel a client is unsuitable to take the test.

It is assumed that all clients hold a valid driving license and are not disqualified from driving or otherwise unfit to hold a licence.


Privacy policy: Only basic necessary personal information is held about you and this is in a written form. Your Personal Details Form is destroyed within a week of you passing your test. If you opt to take further training after your test; for example the "Pass Plus", then your details are taken again and destroyed within a week of you concluding. No marketing is carried out by myself and I have no need and will not pass your details to another party. Your phone number is held on my phone and remains there should you ever wish to contact me again. if you wish your number to be deleted then you are welcome to request this on conclusion of our business.

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