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Testimonials for Keith Raxter

Driving Instructor

Rose ... Oakham

Thank you so much for putting up with me all this time, especially being calm. I wouldn't have done it without your support and encouragement, thank you so much.

Hazel ... Braunston

'Keith, it took my sister 4 attempts to get through her driving test and I did it on my first attempt! Thank you so much.'

Jessica ... Stamford

'Hi keith. I would say that you are a very patient driving Instructor and that your driving lessons are always interesting and fun. I like the way that you sometimes jumped into the driving seat to show me how things should be and I really like the way that you kept reminding me how I was doing and what I had to practice more of. Finally I was really really nervous when it came to my driving test but the driving lessons where we practiced working on my nerves were great. I have already reccommended you as my top driving instructor !'

Tina ... Oakham

I passed thanks to your great training THANKS!

Matt ... Uppingham

I just wanted to shoot you a quick “Thank you” for helping me prepare for and pass my driving exam. It made it easy for me that you were able to adapt your schedule to fit my needs on such a short notice. On top of that, you always seemed to have a joke ready or a smile on your face no matter how frustrated I was with my own driving at times. I wouldn’t have passed without your help—so I’m glad it I made it through pretty much flawlessly on my first test.

Carl ... Whissendine

'Nice one Keith, Great driving test today, I could almost say that I enjoyed it ! Thanks for getting me through. Yes I would recommend you.'

Holly ... Melton

Thank you for all of your help with teaching me to drive. See you out and about!'

David ... Langham

'Dear Keith thank you very much for today, I am glad the rain stopped when it did and also appreciate very much all the help from you over the last few months. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.'

Mark ... Oakham

Would I reccommend you as a good driving instructor? Of course I would! You give great driving lessons with a good mix of learning and of practice and I felt really confident when I took my driving test. Good Luck Keith!


Its always nice to have good feed back. Driving Instructor Keith Raxter shares some recent comments.

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