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On Test Day...

Before you Drive

Get to the test centre with your Driving Instructor with about 10 minutes to spare so that you can park comfortably, have a quick prep talk, maybe pop to the onsite loo, and get to the waiting room with your documents.

Have your Provisional Driving Licence and Theory Test letter available for the Examiner to see.

The Driving Test examiner will get you to sign that your car has insurance to cover a Driving Test then ask if you would like your Driving Instructor to accompany you on the test.

On reaching the Car Park you will have to point out your car and read a number plate. After this the examiner will ask you two questions regarding the operation and safey of your car.

Show Me, Tell Me

Click on the above link to view the list of questions from which your examiner will select.


Keith Raxter will help you learn to drive and also how to deal with your Test Day nerves durng your driving lessons.

On the Test

The following video will give you a clear idea of what to expect during the driving test. You can practice going through these sequences in a mock test with your driving instructor.

Official DSA car practical test - Are you ready? (part 2 of 5)

The official DSA step-by-step guide to make sure you're ready to pass the car practical driving test. Find out what to expect when you take the test.

Dealing with Test Day Nerves...

Everyone gets nervous under test conditions, its only human nature.

In my mind, Test Day Nerves can be categorized into three areas:-

1. Fear of the unknown

2. Lack of confidence in yourself

3. The release of Adrenalin into your body

What to do...

1. Dont just practice the Mock Test, actually walk it through with your driving Instructor to get a 'Feel' for the big day. That way - no surprises / no panic

2. Practice those 'show me tell me' questions with your driving instructor, be confident with your answers. Break the test down into sections in your mind

-Stop and move on safely


-Driving in town, in the country, on fast roads, around estates

-Following road signs or instructions for the 'Independant drive

Be confident that you can deal with each section therefore be conident that you are ready to show off your skills in a test. That way - confidence in yourself / no panic

3. To reduce the affects of Adrenalin focus your mind, not on the excitement of passing or failing, but on just a very bland picture of you receiving the test pass certificate, no excitement just a positive mental picture. Next, on the day, remember to breath. Deep breaths are fab and hold some deep breaths for upto 10 seconds a few times if you need extra help to calm yourself. On the way out of the Test Centre breath deep and stretch your fingers and arms. When you drive the Test talk/think to yourself for those 40 minutes only about your driving. You don't need to be as word perfect as your Instructor, just keep panicky/worrying/distracting thoughts out. Imagine you are in a room and you close the door to all non driving thoughts for just over half an hour.

That way- focusing on your driving only / no panic


Keep calm and carry on ! Read the tips above from Keith Raxter dealing with Test Day nerves

Last Tip...

If you make a mistake....


Because the mistake might not be as serious as you think. Like a good manager imagine that you will be judged by how quickly you can recover. Recover by just blanking out the incident and refocusing on your thinking/talking to yourself. Remember that you are allowed upto 15 minor mistakes so don't let your thoughts panic you.

Good Luck !

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